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Helping Hearts For Over 30 Years

Heart Health

Several different types of health supplements can help keep your heart healthy. The most popular are the Omega-3 products, followed by the Orosine, CellPower, Niacin, and Magnesium formulations.
  • Cardio Basics Combo

    Cardio Basics Combo

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    Special Price $96.60

    Three essential nutrient formulas designed for heart health
  • Cardio Plus+ Combo

    Cardio Plus+ Combo

    Regular Price: $187.00

    Special Price $130.90

    Four essential formulas designed for heart health
  • Res-Q MetaboLOCK

    Res-Q MetaboLOCK

    Metabolic Health and Weight Loss Formula*
  • *NEW CardioPower

    *NEW CardioPower

    Maximizes cardio capacity, boosts energy*
  • Res-Q Mg Magnesium

    Res-Q Mg Magnesium

    125% of the RDA of magnesium
  • Res-Q Heart360

    Res-Q Heart360

    Doctor Formulated Multi-Vitamin
  • Res-Q Orosine

    Res-Q Orosine

    400 mg Inosine; 300 mg Magnesium Orotate
  • Res-Q SmartCal+

    Res-Q SmartCal+

    Advanced Calcium Complex, Includes Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3