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The Link Between Stress and Cortisol

By Res-Q editor 1 years ago 2596 Views

You’ve heard it before: Stress makes you gain weight, but do you understand why? Here’s a snapshot of what goes on inside your body when you are stressed.

There are two grape-sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys called adrenal glands. They produce hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol in response to any situation your body perceives as stressful.

Cortisol influences a wide range of processes throughout the body including:

  • Blood sugar (glucose) levels
  • Fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism to maintain blood sugar
  • Immune responses
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart and blood vessel tone and contraction
  • Central nervous system activation

Our bodies are designed to have this response for survival.  For example, if you encounter a rabid raccoon in the woods, your body must react so you can run and escape from danger.  This response should be short-lived and after you escape from the stressor, your parasympathetic nervous system calms the body and promotes the “rest and digest” state in which we should exist 98 percent of the time. 

The trouble today is that many of us spend frequent or lengthy amount of times in this “fight or flight” stage because we are chronically stressed.  This contributes to numerous health issues.  Chronically-elevated levels of cortisol contribute to conditions such as hypertension, insomnia, diabetes and weight gain, particularly around the waist.

The good news is there are many natural ways to get your cortisol level back in check. For instance, adaptogenic herbs are known to lower cortisol. To qualify as an adaptogen, an herb must be safe and non-toxic, have broad uses for health, and specifically reduce stress, both mental and physical.  Put simply: adaptogens help you adapt, just as the name implies. These herbs increase our resistance to stress by exerting a normalizing effect on the body.  Most also provide an improved sense of overall wellbeing. 

The ingredients in Res-Q Stress Blocker were chosen for their specific adaptogenic benefits. This formula is an excellent way to support your health during stressful times in your life. 

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