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The Five Things You Should Never Give Up

By Tracy Shields 6 years ago 4870 Views

In my search for the perfect combination of healthy foods that can help me live longer, stronger and possibly prevent problems such as heart disease and diabetes, I came to the conclusion that most diet plans require you to remove things from your daily diet.

The Paleo diet insists that you remove grains; low-fat diets want you to remove fat; raw-food diets say you should remove cooked foods; vegetarian or vegan diets aren’t legit unless you remove meat. And while removing excess is a good thing, your goal should be balance. As a rule of thumb, when considering diet plans, Michael Pollen’s famous advice works best: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

But don’t confuse “low” with “no.” And don’t “remove,” just “reduce.” Especially these top-five essential foods…

Good fat The war on fat that we witnessed in the ‘80s and ‘90s has subdued. With new awareness and research, we now know that all fat is not bad and there is a distinct difference between good fat and bad.

Protein Removing meat from your diet is one thing, but removing all protein sources is not a good move.

Fish Vegans would disagree, but eating fish has helped us evolve. Not grains. Not proteins. But fish. And more importantly, omega-3s—the molecules EPA and DHA (DHA in particular)—when they are combined with an equal ratio of omega-6s.

Veggies I can’t tell you how often I hear, “I can’t eat vegetables; they hurt my stomach.” Meanwhile, a powdered donut and coffee never seem to upset.

Some sugars Don’t get too excited. I’m not condoning the kind of sugar on a stick, like cotton candy, saying it’s OK to eat as long as it’s in moderation. You could (and probably should) remove this kind of added sugar from your diet indefinitely. And stuff like high fructose corn syrup is about as alien a thing that you can put into your body, like pouring dish soap into an engine to make it ride. That kind of sugar (the fake kind) is evil. And removing it completely has been known to reverse diabetes, cure ADHD and eradicate a slew of other health woes. The kind that you don’t want to give up is the simple sugars found in whole foods like fruits and veggies that come together with fiber—which helps to slow down the absorption of sugar—and nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, carrots, beets and prunes are all excellent examples of acceptable sugar. Don’t remove them!

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