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Is Male Andropause Real?

By Tracy Shields October 9, 2013 2 comments

Last week, one of our readers asked if andropause (male menopause) is real. This is a relatively easy question to answer in that the decrease of testosterone after age 30 (Yes! You start losing testosterone that early!) is very real. In fact, after age 70, a man can lose up to half of the testosterone he had when he was 25.But loss of hormone in men happens much slower than the complete hormone loss typical in women over age 50 who experience menopause. And yet, even a slow, steady loss of testosterone can cause health problems. Here’s an abbreviated version of some of the typical signs:

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Man Up.. Testosterone is so much more than what you think…

By Tracy Shields June 26, 2013 4 comments

Yup, we know. We get a few snickers when our customers see our new  Res-Q Natural Male Testosterone product. In fact, the other day, when a caller asked, “What’s up with the guy products? I thought Res-Q was a heart-healthy company,” I had to explain that, yes, we are still a heart-healthy company and, no, we’re not expanding our line to start selling sexual enhancement products (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

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