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Stop the Sleepless Merry-Go-Round

By Res-Q editor 8 months ago 2157 Views

We all know we need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, but what happens after just a night of tossing and turning? Believe it or not, just one lone restless night has been found to negatively impact your metabolism and cellular biological clock.If you’ve had a rough night without much quality shuteye, you may notice impaired coordination, memory and judgement.

Stay Awake This Spring

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2978 Views

Does your body clock get completely out of whack every time we spring forward or fall back? You’re not alone. Experts from the National Sleep Foundation say daytime drowsiness increases in the days immediately following the spring switch to daylight saving time, which always happens on the second Sunday of March at 2 a.m.

The good news is the clock change is a great time to establish better sleeping habits. Follow these tips and you’ll be on the road to getting more rest – and feeling your best!