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Stop the Sleepless Merry-Go-Round

By Res-Q editor 9 months ago 2364 Views

We all know we need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, but what happens after just a night of tossing and turning? Believe it or not, just one lone restless night has been found to negatively impact your metabolism and cellular biological clock.If you’ve had a rough night without much quality shuteye, you may notice impaired coordination, memory and judgement.

As you may have guessed, this only gets worse if you don’t get enough sleep night after night. In fact, after several nights of poor sleep, your physical health is negatively affected.Inflammation increases, and over time this compounds your risk of chronic illnesses.

This is scary in and of itself – but what happens after restless sleep or even insomnia becomes a regular part of your existence? The short answer is this:

  • You get sick more often
  • You gain weight
  • You can’t concentrate
  • Your diabetes risk increases
  • You may develop heart disease
  • Your cancer risk increases
  • Your memory declines
  • You can’t make decisions
  • You age more quickly

If you are having a hard time sleeping, get off the sleepless merry-go-round. Res-Q PM is a non-habit forming herbal supplement that can help you fall and stay asleep. There is no risk of becoming dependent and there are no negative side effects.