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Stop Heat Muscle Cramps

By Res-Q Editor 5 years ago 4467 Views

Lebron James Cramps NBA Finals


In Game 1 of the NBA finals, Miami Heat star LeBron James was taken out of the game with only four minutes left due to an intense leg cramp. Dehydration was probably the cause as temperatures in the AT&T arena soared to over 90 degrees during the game. The Spurs beat the Heat, 110-95.

Avoid muscle cramps:

  • Drink up - Stay hydrated with water and drinks that contain electrolytes.

  • Don't push it- Stop execising and give your muscles a rest as soon as you feel spasming.

  • Skip stretches - A cramp is your muscle contracting. Stretching it adds further stress. Instead flex a nearby muscle to stop the aggravated one from firing.

  • Take magnesium - A daily magnesium supplement will help calm muscles. Studies show magnesium can reduce cramp frequency and intensity.

  • Check your meds - Cholesterol lowering statin medications contribute to muscle aches by depleting the nutrient CoQ10. Although different than muscle cramps these aches can be painful and dangerous. Supplement with CoQ10 and ask your doctor about natrual cholesterol lowering options like red yeast rice.

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