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Staying Healthy

By Jennifer Lynn 6 years ago 4680 Views

Treating disease is different than preventing disease.

 It requires a whole different type of treatment plan. For example, reducing excess inflammation is a very important part of the treatment plan for people who suffer from autoimmune disorders, a condition in which the body attacks its own tissues; chronic and persistent inflammation makes the health condition worse.

Autoimmune disorders involve dysfunction of the immune system. However, it would be interesting to know exactly what triggers such inflammation, a sign or signal that is something is wrong in the body. Can anything prevent it?

New research may shed light on the true cause of disease.

Bacteria may be the true cause of many diseases. Research suggests that a lot of disease begins with bacteria. For example, multiple sclerosis may actually be caused by bad (pathogenic) bacteria that trigger the body to destroy its own tissues! Mice predisposed to develop MS did not experience any symptoms when they were not exposed to bacteria.1 Additionally, the Mayo Clinic reveals that the cause of ulcerative colitis may be a virus or bacterium: “The digestive tract becomes inflamed when your immune system tries to fight off the invading microorganism (pathogen).”

The health of the digestive system influences the health of the entire body.

Staying healthy starts with the digestive system. The precise balance of gut microflora (bacteria) plays a huge role in health and prevention. Obviously, we want more of the good kind of bacteria and less of the bad. One good health practice involves consuming “fermented foods and cultured milk products”2 after meals. This all-natural holistic health remedy was used throughout history to improve digestion and promote longevity. In some areas of the world, it’s a lassi—a healthy yogurt-like drink—or a Greek yogurt for dessert!

News reports have said that probiotics helped some people with inflammatory bowel disease to have less inflammation.3 However, the benefit of this information remains more of a preventative nature: Replenish the digestive tract with more beneficial bacteria--in hopes of warding off the bad bacteria that make you sick—or, at the very least, curb the growth of less desirable microbiota.

Staying healthy starts with good health practices.

An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure. It’s called probiotics: live beneficial bacteria that provide health benefits for those who consume them. It’s not just for those who are sick or have special digestive issues, but should be as mainstream a part of health as eating an apple!

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