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Res-Q Norwegian Arctic Cod: A Tale of Fishermen

By Res-Q Editor 2 years ago 4317 Views

On a clear, crisp morning off the coast of Norway, a fleet of boats sails along the cold waters of the Norwegian Sea. Many of the crew members are family; others have been friends or acquaintances for decades, relationships forged through generations of fishing the pristine, open waters that form the backbone of Norway’s economy.

Together, this crew works to make a living by fishing, while simultaneously preserving the source of fish that provides their livelihood. These are cod fisherman, and they are on a mission to bring people around the world the freshest, most sustainable cod oil products available today.

One of these products is Res-Q Norwegian Arctic Cod, a new addition that Res-Q has proudly added to their omega-3 lineup. A pure Norwegian omega-3 cod oil, this one-of-a-kind product can be traced every single step of its journey, from boat to bottle. It comes directly from the clean Arctic waters of the Barents and Norwegian seas of Norway where it is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council to be harvested using sustainable, ocean-friendly methods. In fact, every single fish used to make the oil can be traced right back to the boat on which it was caught, and beyond that to the fisherman who takes pride in propagating the centuries-old tradition of cod fishing, ensuring it continues for generations to come.

But the dedication found behind every bottle of Res-Q Norwegian Arctic Cod doesn’t end there. The cod are initially processed using state-of-the-art equipment right on the boats, within hours of being caught. This ensures the freshest oil possible that is never frozen and is of the highest quality. It is then molecularly distilled by Norwegian laboratories to ensure it is clean and free of toxins and heavy metals.

Chockful of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Res-Q Norwegian Arctic Cod is teeming with health benefits. With its’ 3:1 ratio of DHA to eicosapentaenoic acid  (EPA), this product will be particularly beneficial for people seeking brain, eye and immune health support, while simultaneously gaining heart and joint health benefits.*

From boat to bottle, Norwegian fisherman are proud to play a role in producing sustainable, eco-friendly cod oil that has the power to change people’s lives by improving their health – and Res-Q is pleased to bring it to you.


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