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Not a Dry Eye in the House

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2591 Views

Need yet another reason to take an omega-3 supplement? If you suffer from dry eye, you’ll want to keep reading. Recent studies continue to show omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome, a pesky eye condition that leads to itchy, stinging eyes and sensitivity to light. Left untreated, it can even impair vision.

So, how do you know which omega-3 supplement is right for you?  “I personally take Res-Q Calamarine and recommend it to all my patients,” says Neil Boderman, a doctor of optometry. “It has an extra high level of DHA to promote quality and quantity tear production as well as overall eye health and vision.”

DHA is short for docosahexeanoic acid. Along with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), it is one of the most highly-researched omega-3s. DHA is an essential component of the eyes and brain, and Res-Q® Calamarine has a higher DHA to EPA ratio, which is why it is recommended by eye doctors as a natural supplement for eye health.

During the most recent study which linked omega-3s to improved dry eye syndrome, researchers in India gave patients with untreated moderate dry eye disease either a daily dose of omega-3s or a vitamin E placebo for 12 weeks. The study’s authors concluded that improvements were statistically significantly greater in the patients who received the omega-3s. Other studies have reached similar conclusions.

They also found the people who received the omega-3 supplements had improved vision for night driving because their contrast sensitivity – the ability to distinguish between increments of light and dark – was also improved. People with dry eye, as well as those with certain other eye conditions, can have difficulty driving at night.

Dry eye affects an estimated 3.2 million women and 1.68 million men over the age of 50 in the United States.  It becomes more common with age, and while eye drops relieve symptoms, an omega-3 supplement addresses the root causes of dry eye. Clear skies ahead!

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