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Lowering Cholesterol with Red Yeast Rice and Fish Oil

By Res-Q editor 2 years ago 1830 Views 1 comment

If you recently listened to the Res-Q Healthline radio show on cholesterol, then you likely heard radio show host Paul Perrello, N3 Oceanic co-owner Tim Shields and cardiologist Jeff Shapiro, MD, talk about the research behind omega-3s and red yeast rice for cholesterol control.

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Mike Moran 1 years ago at 5:11 PM
I was aware of the program to combat high cholesterol through the use of Red Yeast Rice and Fish Oil versus a statin drug through my primary physician. I had read some of the literature published by Dr Becker, and decided to follow his plan, although I was never seen by Dr. Becker. I was following the plan for a number of years with some success, but my numbers were still not quite in the normal range. Then I developed diabetes and was told it was standard procedure to also add a statin. But since my primary knew I was on the red Yeast Rice /Fish Oil program, he gave me one last opportunity to meet with Nutritionist Patti Morris who worked with Dr. Becker. to see if my numbers could be improved. Patti increased my RYR dosage slightly, but the biggest change was to start using the Res-Q brand of products. After six weeks on the new program, and with other dietary changes (more protein/less carbs), my test results were in the normal range with a total cholesterol number of 135. Plus my A1C level dropped to the high normal range. Needless to say, I am very happy with the products.