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Healthy Halloween Treat Alternatives

By Tracy Shields 5 years ago 3591 Views

There’s no way around giving out anything but junk on Halloween. That is to say, only name-brand candy tends to suffice for the hardcore trick-or-treater. Gone are the days when you could toss a few coins in a child’s bag, or even a popcorn ball. And forget about giving out apples. Not recommended. People in your town will consider you the evil queen from Snow White and assume you’re sticking blades in everyone’s Granny Smith.

So, how do you get around the high-fructose frenzy and offer kids a healthier alternative to all the junk? It’s not easy. When I did a little research, I found a disappointingly low amount of fun treats that you could actually give out. The reason is that everything needs to be prepackaged. You can’t offer homemade trail mix without its being immediately put in the reject pile once mom and dad do their annual inspection. And let’s face it, in a sea of chocolaty, sugary and rainbowy ring pops, whistles and bite-sized bits, a bag of pretzels seems as lifeless as a string of dead fish.


So, how about a few non-food choices for the little monsters? This idea transformed the world of birthday parties where sweets are replaced with small toys and trinkets in kids’ goodie bags. And while toys can sometimes be pricier than candy, if you dig deep enough, you can find a few cost-effective gems. Here’s a list of my favorites:


Halloween bath fizzy soaps, spider rings, stickers, tattoos, glow items, witch fingers, eyeballs, mustaches, fake eyelashes, trading cards or rubber-band bracelet kits.


And if you still want to dole out the sweets? Here are my top healthiest treats:


Peanuts, pretzels, granola bars, prepackaged trail mix, organic (non-GMO) Surf Sweets Fruity Bears and Surf Sweets Spooky Spiders (typically found at Whole Foods or Wegmans).


The absolute most important thing you can do, however, is focus on your own kids, by feeding them healthy fruits and veggies, and making sure they are getting enough omega-3s to combat all the junk you probably won’t be able to save them from come October 31st.



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