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FDA Says Eating Fish is Good for Brain Development & Boosting Child's IQ

By Res-Q Editor 5 years ago 3809 Views

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have updated and released new seafood consumption guidelines for pregnant women, nursing women, and young children. After years of recommending a "maximum" amount of fish to eat weekly, the new recommendation proposes a "minimum" consumption level of two to three servings per week. 

"For years, many women have limited or avoided eating fish during pregnancy or feeding fish to their young children, " said Stephen Ostroff, the FDA's acting chief scientist.   "The information that's been developed over the past decade strongly demonstrates that the health benefits that accrue from the consumption of fish far outweigh any risk."

In the past, there has been concern about contaminants and mercury levels in fish.  "Any woman who is concerned about the risk from fish should understand that most types of commercially available fish in the U.S. are toward the low end of the spectrum in terms of how much methyl mercury they contain,” Ostroff said. “Of the 10 most commonly eaten fish in the U.S., nine are toward the low end and eight are at the very low end in terms of their methyl mercury content."   

These are draft guidelines but the guidance is expected to be finalized after a 30-day public comment period. We will keep you posted on developments.