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Do Something Different This 4th of July

By Tracy Shields 6 years ago 4042 Views

Before you partake in your annual Independence Day food frenzy, read this!


When I was a kid there were only two things that meant 4th of July: hot dogs and fireworks. Well, OK, maybe candy, potato chips, popcorn, apple pie and ice cream, too. Point is, holidays were for bad food. You couldn’t interest me in a leaf of lettuce no matter how cleverly you disguised it. Heck, my mother made me eat a salad every night. Why on earth would I want one on the 4th of July? I was on vacation!

And the cotton candy I got every July at the farm fair? It was a rare treat that I waited for all year.


But that was when I was a kid. In today’s world, that same cotton candy that we were only able to buy once a year is now available all year round at the grocery store.


Holidays used to mean that we could pig out a bit more than usual, and eat fattening foods that we normally wouldn’t eat or couldn’t afford. Foods that were a delicacy, if you will. Now, it’s commonplace to eat like you’re on holiday every day! In fact, many fast-food restaurants tend to replicate summer holiday foods: hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, corn on the cob, fried chicken, apple pie, and on and on. They offer fast, comfort foods 24/7.


With so many bad food choices made available to us daily (did you know that up to 85% of food at any grocery store is processed?), you’d think the spirit of over-indulgence wouldn’t be any greater for special occasions. You’d be wrong! Most people still pack on an extra pound or two over the holidays.1 And we’re not just eating homemade pies or home-baked breads anymore. We are eating processed, manufactured foods with artificial colors, sweeteners and a myriad of other bad stuff.


So, before you partake in the festivities on the 4th, try not to overdo it, especially if  your normal diet is not that different from the holiday diet. In fact, what if you did the reverse and ate healthy on the holiday? We’re not kids anymore. Maybe it’s time to make peace with the lettuce leaf!


FYI: Eating processed foods and those high in saturated fat, and avoiding healthy, raw fruits and veggies can sabotage an otherwise healthy, happy tummy. Natural enzymes—which help you digest—are found in raw, uncooked foods. If you’re not eating at least 85% raw foods, it may be time to supplement with Res-Q All Essential Enzymes. Supplementing with digestive enzymes may help speed digestion, reduce occasional indigestion, reduce demands on the pancreas and possibly enable the body to be free to produce more metabolic enzymes instead. Res-Q All Essential Enzymes provide enzymes that not only digest proteins, but also fats and carbohydrates. Definitely something to celebrate!


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