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Blood-Sugar Tests

By Jennifer Lynn 6 years ago 4085 Views

November is American Diabetes Month and now is a great time to start testing blood sugar. It is possible to have prediabetes or diabetes and not even know it. If you never had your blood sugar tested, it is a really good idea to do so. There are many different types of blood-sugar tests; here is some key information from the American Diabetes Association

Fasting Test: 

  • 100-125 – prediabetes
  • Over 125 – diabetes  

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

  • 140-199 – prediabetes
  •  200 or higher – diabetes  

Your doctor may be able to help you with the blood-sugar tests. There is an additional test called the A1c test, which can help measure how well the body metabolizes blood sugar. 

If you do not yet have diabetes, but have been told that you are borderline, now is the time—before it is too late—to ask your doctor what type of lifestyle changes will help save your health. 

Diet, exercise and supplements can make a difference. The Diabetes Prevention Program proved that type 2 diabetes can be prevented in prediabetics who increased physical activity and made dietary modifications. Supplements like chromium, magnesium and pumpkin extracts have been shown in clinical studies to improve blood-sugar metabolism. 

Res-Q Supplement of the Week: 

When used as part of a diet plan, Res-Q 105Max may help maintain a healthy blood-sugar level. Res-Q 105Max pumpkin pentose complex is able to directly enter cells for use as energy. Less sugar is released into the bloodstream and the conversion of glucose into glycogen is encouraged. This helps maintain a healthy blood-sugar level and supports the natural function of blood-sugar metabolism that is common to everyone. 

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