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Best Time to Take Your Omega-3s?

By Tracy Shields 5 years ago 41413 Views 1 comment

So, you just started taking your omega-3s on a daily basis (or maybe you’ve been taking them awhile), you have the right dosage and you’ve bought Res-Q, best brand in health supplements. But now you may be wondering, When’s the best time of day to take them? 

OK, more precisely, What difference does it make? Is there really a best time to take omega-3s? 

The answer is yes! There is a best time to take essential fatty acids. And yes, it does make a difference. 

But, if you do a Google search, you come up with every answer imaginable. Some people say in the morning, others at night and still others in the afternoon. 

Well, after some digging, I found the answer that makes the most sense to us, and the one we’ve been recommending. 

Research indicates that esterified (concentrated) omega-3 reaches its highest plasma concentration at about 12 hours after intake. This is a significant factor in the prevention of heart disease.1  So, we recommend taking Res-Q 1250 at night.  This way, your body will have its highest concentration of omega-3 in the morning hours, which statistically is the time when most heart failures occur. 

We also recommend a dose in morning, 12 hours after your last. This allows for maximum protection against possible heart attacks. 

It’s easy! Take your fish oil twice daily: 

•    Omega-3s at night—before bed is best.

•    Omega-3s in the morning will supplement any dosage you take at night. 

1. Circadian variation and triggering of acute coronary events. American Heart Journal. 137(4, Part 2) Supplement:S1-S8, April  1999. Muller, James E., MD.

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John Hurt 3 years ago at 3:36 PM
Long chain fatty acids such as Omega-3 must be taken with a fatty meal otherwise they cannot get absorbed through the intestinal lining. If they are taken first thing in the morning they simply pass through the body. What a waste.