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July 2016

Research Studies Show Health Benefits of Omega-3s

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2168 Views

If you recently listened to the Res-Q Healthline radio show on omega-3s, then you likely heard Paul Perrello and Tim Shields talk about the research behind the discussed health benefits. The links below provide a snapshot of this research.

These studies were chosen because they are closely related to the health benefits people talked about during the radio show. There are hundreds of additional studies that define the health benefits of omega-3s.

Sitting Too Much May Be Killing You

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2258 Views

You’ve likely heard the expression, “Sitting is the new smoking.” Although some studies indicate this may not be entirely true, researchers remain united on the fact that too much sitting is definitely bad – and not just for your saddlebags. Studies have time and again concluded that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing several serious illnesses, ranging from osteoporosis to cancer to heart disease to type 2 diabetes.

So, what is it about sitting that’s so detrimental to your health? Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening inside your body every time you take a seat and settle in to stay – whether you’re parking it on your office chair or your comfy couch.