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June 2016

Slow Aging From the Inside Out

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2547 Views

The summer sun is shining, and as nice as it feels on your face, chances are it makes you think twice about aging, or rather how to prevent (or slow!) the signs of it. While year-round, daily sun protection is an essential step to maintaining youthful skin, the most effective way to fight aging is from the inside out.

New Regulations Change Food Labeling Game

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2332 Views

How often do you read the labels on food packaging? If you’re like most Americans, you glance at the information and go on your merry way. Unless you’re a disciplined label reader, you likely don’t take time to do the math of package size versus serving size, which can be two very different things.

That’s about to change. The Food and Drug Administration is mandating changes to nutrition labels that will make them easier to understand.

Not a Dry Eye in the House

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2596 Views

Need yet another reason to take an omega-3 supplement? If you suffer from dry eye, you’ll want to keep reading. Recent studies continue to show omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome, a pesky eye condition that leads to itchy, stinging eyes and sensitivity to light. Left untreated, it can even impair vision.

The Real Role of Digestive Enzymes

By Res-Q editor 3 years ago 2015 Views

Picnics. Graduation parties. Trips to the shore. Summer fun has arrived and while the change is great for your mental health, it can take a toll on your digestive health, particularly as you get older.

“As a naturopathic doctor, I often help people optimize digestion,” says Melissa Josselson, ND. “If you suffer from digestive symptoms, such as bloating or indigestion, Res-Q All Essential Enzymes may be beneficial for you.”