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November 2013

Being Thankful Is Good for Your Health

By Res-Q 5 years ago 4430 Views

A few years ago I was an emotional wreck. All I could do to stay afloat was grumble and throw imaginary daggers at everything that was bothering me. I was filled with anger, resentment, pain and, worse, I was a fiery ball of negative energy who probably brought more rain than sunshine wherever I went.

Top-10 Ways to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

By Tracy Shields 5 years ago 5035 Views

I’m sure you don’t need me to dole out the latest statistics on diabetes and pre-diabetes, or tell you that the growing number of children at increased risk of this disease has tripled in the past several years. But what I will tell you is that… 

Diabetes Prevention Month

By Tracy Shields 5 years ago 3791 Views

Unconventional tips to better eating… 

We all know that poor diet and lack of exercise are direct links to weight gain and diabetes. But here are a few unconventional tips to help you rethink the way you approach food. 

Trouble Coping with Days of Darkness?

By Tracy Shields 5 years ago 4065 Views

Here are a few tips to make life a little brighter…

Call me crazy, but while all my late-night party friends are celebrating a win for that extra hour, I’m bemoaning the loss of daylight—at least in the late afternoon when I seem to want it the most. For most of us, there is a real and present feeling of loss that accompanies extra-hours darkness. And it seems to be the consensus—at least among individuals who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)—that less sunlight causes depression.