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October 2013

Healthy Halloween Treat Alternatives

By Tracy Shields October 30, 2013 No comments

There’s no way around giving out anything but junk on Halloween. That is to say, only name-brand candy tends to suffice for the hardcore trick-or-treater. Gone are the days when you could toss a few coins in a child’s bag, or even a popcorn ball. And forget about giving out apples. Not recommended. People in your town will consider you the evil queen from Snow White and assume you’re sticking blades in everyone’s Granny Smith.

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The Devil in Disguise

By Tracy Shields October 23, 2013 No comments

Sugar just might be the world’s sweetest killer…

In popular myth and religion, evil is often disguised as good—the wolf in sheep’s clothing, for example. Or as something tempting—a Jezebel or Delilah, or dare I say it, a piece of candy. For years, sweets have been innocently associated with children, celebration and reward: a cute little child sucking on a lollipop; a poor boy finding a gold entry ticket to the Wonka factory in a bar of chocolate; a slice of birthday cake or donut after church on Sunday.

How bad can that be? At worst, I was told as a kid, if I ate too much I’d get a tummy ache. Big deal, right? And yet, study after study is now popping up with the reality that sugar is a little more evil than simple tooth decay or tummy aches. The truth is, it’s responsible for heart disease, as well as a slew of other preventable, long-term illnesses.

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Improve Your Body’s Defense System

By Tracy Shields October 16, 2013 No comments

In a perfect world, we could pop a magic pill to boost our immune system and live to 100. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. But it’s not impossible. A positive lifestyle—including what we eat—and minimizing stress levels are our best defenses against sickness and disease. 

Changes in climate, global spreading of germs and the simple fact of getting older (ugg), all affect our body’s ability to protect itself. For many people, allergies and colds seem to last beyond the typical few days.

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Is Male Andropause Real?

By Tracy Shields October 9, 2013 2 comments

Last week, one of our readers asked if andropause (male menopause) is real. This is a relatively easy question to answer in that the decrease of testosterone after age 30 (Yes! You start losing testosterone that early!) is very real. In fact, after age 70, a man can lose up to half of the testosterone he had when he was 25.But loss of hormone in men happens much slower than the complete hormone loss typical in women over age 50 who experience menopause. And yet, even a slow, steady loss of testosterone can cause health problems. Here’s an abbreviated version of some of the typical signs:

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