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July 2013

Debunking the Myth that Omega-3 Fatty-Acids Cause Prostate Cancer

By Res-Q 6 years ago 7088 Views

Recently, there’s been a study making its rounds on all the big media  outlets claiming that omega-3s have been found to cause prostate cancer.

Because we take our products and industry very seriously, we immediately looked into it.

What will found might amaze you.

Why Gluten-Free?

By Tracy Shields 6 years ago 6158 Views

Is it just a trend or a more serious shift toward better understanding?

Just like disco was to the ‘70s, a gluten-free diet seems to be a sign of our times: a trendy cultural phenomenon thrust upon us like bell-bottoms and platform shoes. In fact, according to a recent study, about 1.6 million people follow a gluten-free diet now, even though they’ve never been diagnosed with celiac or gluten sensitivity. So, what’s the craze?


The Five Things You Should Never Give Up

By Tracy Shields 6 years ago 4934 Views

In my search for the perfect combination of healthy foods that can help me live longer, stronger and possibly prevent problems such as heart disease and diabetes, I came to the conclusion that most diet plans require you to remove things from your daily diet.

The Paleo diet insists that you remove grains; low-fat diets want you to remove fat; raw-food diets say you should remove cooked foods; vegetarian or vegan diets aren’t legit unless you remove meat. And while removing excess is a good thing, your goal should be balance. As a rule of thumb, when considering diet plans, Michael Pollen’s famous advice works best: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

But don’t confuse “low” with “no.” And don’t “remove,” just “reduce.” Especially these top-five essential foods…

Walk Your Way to Amazing Health

By Tracy Shields 6 years ago 5001 Views

 Come on, don’t just sit there…

 Is there anyone out there alive on this planet today who doubts that walking is good for you? I’m going to take a leap and assume that for most people this is an obvious fact.

And yet, so few of us meander, stroll, trek or march anywhere, let alone walk. America is vast and we need vehicles to transport us where we want to go. And while contemporary speed and efficiency of travel is awe-inspiring (albeit comedian Louis C.K. jokes about our annoyance that air travel isn’t fast enough!), our bodies take a back seat and suffer, physically, from our lack of getting from point A to point B on our own.


Do Something Different This 4th of July

By Tracy Shields 6 years ago 4097 Views

Before you partake in your annual Independence Day food frenzy, read this!


When I was a kid there were only two things that meant 4th of July: hot dogs and fireworks. Well, OK, maybe candy, potato chips, popcorn, apple pie and ice cream, too. Point is, holidays were for bad food. You couldn’t interest me in a leaf of lettuce no matter how cleverly you disguised it. Heck, my mother made me eat a salad every night. Why on earth would I want one on the 4th of July? I was on vacation!