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Helping Hearts For Over 30 Years

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February 2013

Protect Your Heart

By Jennifer Lynn 6 years ago 4135 Views

1. Take an Omega-3 Supplement

The immune system attacks viruses, bacteria, invaders and promotes rest, relaxation and healing after injuries by creating pain, swelling and inflammation. Without the immune system, we would be helpless victims to germs. However, over years of time, excess inflammation puts you at a higher risk for having a heart attack. Evidence indicates that LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream becomes harmful to the arteries once inflammation and oxidation occur.

Chronic or silent problems that you may not even be aware of can explain why even those with normal cholesterol levels are at risk for a heart attack. Inflammation is linked to type 2 diabetes, allergies, cancer, arthritis, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Eat for Your Heart

Diets that include lots of fruits and vegetables may help balance cholesterol levels. If cholesterol becomes low enough, it is possible for plaque buildup to be reversed. As arteries become narrowed, heart attack can occur. Diets that include plants (Drs. Esselstyn and Campbell) have been used to reverse coronary heart disease (blocked arteries). The diet’s success is largely attributed to cholesterol reduction.

3. Manage Your Cholesterol

If your LDL cholesterol is extremely high, you may need more than dietary interventions. According to the American Heart Association, “The more risk factors you have, the greater your chance of developing coronary heart disease. Also, the greater the level of each risk factor, the greater the risk. For example, a person with a total cholesterol of 300 mg/dL has a greater risk than someone with a total cholesterol of 245 mg/dL, even though everyone with a total cholesterol greater than 240 is considered high-risk.”

If you have high blood pressure, add another major risk factor for heart attack. If you smoke tobacco, have diabetes and are overweight, add three more risk factors to the equation.

4. Supplements

Nature’s Shield’s L-D-L less contains red yeast rice, a unique type of natural yeast that helps balance the body’s production of cholesterol.

Res-Q LDL-x2 with niacin helps inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol when consumed with food.

Res-Q 1250 reduces inflammation, improves circulation, supports a healthy heartbeat and promotes overall cholesterol well-being.

Additional Tips:

Get your cholesterol checked and arteries scanned if you are older, have diabetes or are overweight. Quit smoking, manage weight with productive exercise and muscle building, and learn how to manage blood pressure.

Understanding Your Risk of Heart Attack

Omega-3 Supplement Review

By Jennifer Lynn 6 years ago 5222 Views

Just because a product costs more money doesn’t always mean that it is more expensive. For example, some products cost more but the number of units may be greater: i.e., 500 paper plates for $3 is a better value than 50 paper plates for $1.

I recently took a close look at a name-brand widely advertised omega-3 supplement that I will refer to as Brand X so as not to mention any names.