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Follow Bex and her training toward a half marathon! 13.1 miles!

Bex Training 1 By Bex: @bex965 | 7-10-15
AHHH! 13.1 miles!!! That is a LONG drive… I have to run it?! That was the initial thought that popped into my head when I went for my first run yesterday. Then, I started running and the determination kicked in...So, yesterday I went for my first run of 3 miles. Read the full story here!
Training Plan By Bex: @bex965 | 7-13-15
So, as I started to think about running 13.1 miles in my first half marathon; I know I can’t do it overnight. I mean unless I was being chased.. or if I was Forest Gump… I would just keep running. Seriously though, I need to come up with a plan on how to successful run my first half marathon.
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Run with a friend By Bex: @bex965 | 7-16-15
I feel as though once I continue to run, my endurance will continue to build, the running will get easier and start cutting down on some time. The cool thing about training for this half marathon is that I’ve managed to recruit from friends to run with me!
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Make a Playlist By Bex: @bex965 | 7-21-15
This was my first long run since starting my training – by long run I mean 7 miles. I’m not going to lie I had to stop a few times in between but I got through it. I have to say for week one of training, I was pretty proud of myself. 14 more weeks to go!
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Bex Training 2 By Bex: @bex965 | 07-24-15
It was a different sort of training for my half marathon the past couple of days. I traveled all the way to Costa Rica for vacation. It was a few days filled with ton of physical activities including water aerobics, surfing, zip lining & running on the beach!
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Bex Gym Selfie By Bex: @bex965 | 7-30-15
The training continues and as I train in my 3rd week I’ve decided that I REALLY need to invest in some new sneakers. This week I”ve done the 3-3-3-6 run. 3 miles on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and my long run on Saturday of 6 miles.
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Bex Training 3 By Bex: @bex965 | 7-31-15
Getting back into the swing of things post vacation isn’t always fun...plus I’ve also been simultaneously moving out of my apartment and waking up SUPER early...LUCKILY, I’ve been using Res-Q Orosine which has been keeping me on my A game! Read the full story here!
Bex Gym Selfie 2 By Bex: @bex965 | 8-12-15
I’ve going out for my long runs but decided that I wanted to incorporate some strength training to my workouts. I was feeling a little tired from being up super early but I made sure take my Res-Q Orosine before working out which definitely helped!
Read the full story here!
Run with Music By Bex: @bex965 | 8-14-15
One of the most important things about running this half marathon is my day of playlist. You figure I’ll be running for 2+ hours…Now, granted I was a little exhausted, I did take my secret weapon, Res-Q Orosine to give me that motivation I needed to get up and train.
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Bex Gym Selfie 3 By Bex: @bex965 | 8-24-15
I actually woke up Saturday morning looking forward to my run. I needed the detox and wanted to sweat! So, an 8am run happened. If i’m asleep past 7am these days – I’m lucky! I got an extra boost of energy from Res-Q Orosine which got me to 6 miles! Read the full story here!
Playlist Update

By Bex: @bex965 | 9-5-15
Running, running, training, running. I feel great! I actually needed to be in the studio at 2:30 AM to do some overnight shifts to gear us up to our morning schedule next Thursday. SO, as you could imagine… I didn’t have much energy by the time working out rolled along. I did have my Res-Q Orosine & an incredible playlist!
Read the full story here!

Zumba Training By Bex: @bex965 | 9-9-15
So, I took some advice from my mom and did Zumba! It was literally an hours of movement, dancing and sweating! I love to dance in the first place so what ended up being a full workout didn’t feel like it since I was having so much fun & took my Res-Q Orosine. I was actually feeling pretty tired before getting to the class but my Orosine definitely gave me the boost I needed and I had a blast! Read the full story here!
Running - Cheaper than Therapy By Bex: @bex965 | 9-15-15
Now, my half marathon is basically all running but I’ll be looking to mix up the workout!  Our video team & I will head to your workout location & train! Then, we’ll make you an official member of #TeamResQ & make a badge with your name on it to wear the day of my half marathon!! <3 Read the full story here!
Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

By Bex: @bex965 | 9-17-15
For the past couple of months I’ve been training for my half marathon. I knew that I would be running the Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon but I hadn’t signed up…until TODAY! October 31st is Halloween BUT more importantly it is Half Marathon Day! This is a complete chick thing of me to say…but I’m really excited my half marathon & halloween are on the same day because I'll be in great shape. Read the full story here!

Training with Tyler

By Bex: @bex965 | 9-24-15
I’ve started following a new regiment which came as a recommendation from a friend who runs marathons in her sleep! Included in the workout is some strength-training so I recruited Tyler a trainer to join #TeamResQ & train me! He put me through an intense basketball program which was done after running 3 miles to the court. – I was pretty exhausted at the end of it but I had my Res-Q Orosine! Read the full story here!

Rocky Run

By Bex: @bex965 | 10-7-15
It’s funny that Philly’s most recognizable to character is Rocky who is fictional. My route this week had me running past the Rocky steps so while I was there I stopped to pose with my main man Rocky! I’m was feeling a little fatigued while running my 7 mile run but made sure to take my Res-Q Orosine when I got home to keep me feeling great & keep running! Read the full story here!

Res-Q Gift Basket By Bex: @bex965 | 10-14-15
The training is underway and I’m actually starting to get nervous about running a half marathon. Luckily, I have my friends at Res-Q who are keeping me motivated with a basket of goodies!!! They sent me all the things I need to keep my body energized & able to recover quickly! I’ve already been taking my Res-Q Orosine throughout this whole process but I’m sure after I’m done 13+ miles I will NEED these! Read the full story here!
Training with Nick

By Bex: @bex965 | 10-22-15
I put a call out to some of our athletic listeners to help train me and Nick came to the rescue! It felt good to do something other than run since run has been such a focal point in the training process. It was a great night and I got a really good sweat in. I was feeling a bit fatigued the morning after the workout but made sure to take my Res-Q Orosine so I can properly function on the air at 6am! Read the full story here!



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