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Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

By Res-Q editor November 23, 2016 No comments

Ah-choo! Sniffle. Sniffle. Ah-choo! These are not the sounds you want to hear as you go about your holiday business. But inevitably, some germ-infested person will cross your path while you rush from store to store crossing things off your shopping list. The good news is there are things you can do to keep yourself healthy, so you can enjoy all the festivities the season holds. Read on to learn more.

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New Products for Weight Loss, Joint Pain Now Available

By Res-Q editor November 8, 2016 No comments

Did you know the Res-Q family is growing? We recently launched two brand new products, MetaboLOCK and CurcuminULTRA.

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N3 Oceanic, Inc., Announces New Senior Leadership Team

By Res-Q editor September 7, 2016 No comments


Pennsburg, Pa. (September 7, 2016) – N3 Oceanic, Inc., makers of Res-Q
natural supplements, today announced the appointment of a new President following a comprehensive nationwide search for the position. Michael Swift, a veteran senior leader in the natural supplements industry, was named President in August.

"Michael has the industry knowledge and leadership abilities to move us forward in a time of great change and great opportunity for our industry,” said Tracy Shields, a member of N3 Oceanic’s board of directors and co-owner, along with her brothers Tim Shields and Mike Shields. “His leadership style fits our company’s culture and we believe he will provide the guidance we need to drive the future success of our company.”

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Fighting Addiction? Omega-3s Can Help

By Res-Q editor September 1, 2016 No comments

Stress makes many people reach for a drink, which all too easily turns into three drinks…and sometimes three more after that. When alcohol doesn’t cut it, it’s not uncommon to seek something else, whether it’s prescription pain pills from a long-ago surgery or recreational drugs from a friend who promises a quick escape from the realities of life. 

Unfortunately, numbing the pain, whether with alcohol or drugs, often creates a menacing cycle of addiction. It also depletes your body of nutrients, which fuels the cycle of addiction and further damages your health. Thankfully there is promising research that shows omega-3s can help fight addiction and boost your health at the same time.

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Science Behind Green-lipped Mussel Supplements

By Res-Q editor August 25, 2016 No comments

Res-Q customers have long been fans of GlycoMarine, a joint health supplement made from green-lipped muscle extract. During a recent Res-Q Healthline radio show that featured callers talking about GlycoMarine, show host Paul Perrello and N3 Oceanic co-owner Tim Shields discussed the research behind the product. Below you will find a snapshot of that research.

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Study: EPA and DHA Help Reduce Scarring After a Heart Attack

By Res-Q editor August 17, 2016 No comments

The results of a post-heart attack clinical trial published recently in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation are being called breakthrough. The randomized clinical trial done by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital showed that consuming 3360 milligrams of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega-3 fatty acids daily, paired with standard evidence-based medical care following a heart attack, reduces scarring in undamaged heart muscle and increases the heart’s ability to pump blood.

Buying Supplements? Always Do Your Research

By Res-Q editor August 16, 2016 No comments

If you recently listened to the Res-Q Healthline radio show that featured callers talking about their favorite Res-Q products, then you may have heard host Paul Perrello and N3 Oceanic co-owner Tim Shields talking about the research behind the products. During the show, Shields explained why not all products are created equal, and talked about the importance of choosing quality products with evidence to back up selected ingredients. Check out the research behind the Res-Q products discussed on the show.

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Fill Up, Fight Cravings with Fiber

By Res-Q editor August 10, 2016 No comments

If you struggle with high blood sugar, high cholesterol, digestive issues, constant food cravings or weight gain, adding fiber to your diet could help. The average person consumes as little as 12 grams of fiber a day – significantly less than the recommended 20-35 grams.

Don’t worry, getting more fiber can be pretty easy. Try these tasty recipes – and reap all the health benefits of fiber:

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